Pasta de Dientes Natural The Bam&Boo

37 reviews
37 reviews

Pasta de Dientes Natural The Bam&Boo

En The Bam&Boo creemos que las acciones sencillas marcan una gran diferencia. Crear productos eficientes que aporten más responsabilidad ecológica y social al mercado sin incurrir en cambios drásticos ha sido siempre nuestro principal objetivo. Por eso decidimos crear la pasta de dientes The Bam&Boo.

Este es un proyecto muy importante para nosotros y fue desarrollado en base a las aportaciones de nuestra comunidad y amigos. Y después de un año de desarrollo del producto, por fin está aquí:

La primera pasta de dientes climáticamente neutra del mundo. Natural y Vegana.

Pasta dental natural de menta fresca 75ml

Una pasta de dientes natural, vegana y ecológica para tu rutina diaria de cuidado bucal.

Certificada por Natrue, la pasta de dientes The Bam&Boo está hecha con una fórmula natural que te proporciona una boca limpia y fresca y una GRAN SONRISA. 


  • Prevención de la caries
  • Blanqueamiento
  • Antiplaca
  • Aliento fresco


  • ENVASE ECOLÓGICO - Fabricado en aluminio que es uno de los materiales más fáciles y reciclables del mercado
  • VEGANO - Libre de ingredientes animales y de pruebas en animales.
  • NATURAL - Fórmula elaborada con ingredientes naturales.
  • CLIMATE NEUTRAL - Significa que calculamos las emisiones de CO2 generadas por la producción, las materias primas y la logística y compensamos estas emisiones invirtiendo en proyectos de absorción de CO2, debidamente certificados y en colaboración con Climate Partner.





  • 1 pasta de dientes = 200 usos: Nuestra pasta de dientes tiene menos agua y está más condensada de lo habitual. Por lo tanto, recomendamos el uso de 1 dosis más pequeña (del tamaño de un guisante).
  • MODO DE EMPLEO: Aplicar una pequeña cantidad en el cepillo de dientes y cepillar suavemente durante al menos 2 minutos. Aclarar bien y sonreír :)
  • PRECAUCIONES: Sólo para adultos. Contiene fluoruro de sodio (1450ppm F-). El blanqueamiento puede depender del color natural de los dientes.
  • INGREDIENTES: Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Aqua, Lauryl Glucoside, Xanthan Gum, Aroma, Illite, Zinc Gluconate, Sodium Fluoride, Kaolin, Stevia Rebaudiana Extract, Montmorillonite, Cinnamal, Eugenol, Menthol.

Registrado por la VEGAN SOCIETY

Registrado por la VEGAN SOCIETY

Certificado por NATRUE

Certificado por Natrue

Certificado por CLIMATE NEUTRAL

Certificado por CLIMATE NEUTRAL

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    Jennifer H.
    Spain Spain
    Natural toothpaste

    We recently bought the natural toothpaste from Bam&Boo. It is amazing, the taste is great and leaves your teeth tingly fresh. We have tried other vegan toothpaste but this one is by far the best. I would highly recommend it

    The Bam&Boo Toothbrush

    Hi Jennifer! Your comment was entirely heartwarming! Thank you so much for your words and for underlying some important features of our Natural Toothpaste! Let's go vegan, let's go green :)

    Portugal Portugal

    I really love this toothpaste, until now it had been perfect!

    The Bam&Boo Toothbrush

    Hey Sara! Great news! Thank you so much for your incredible feedback :)

    Greece Greece
    Fresh toothpaste

    toothpaste is great!! But there is one little problem with the lid.. please can you change the lid? It's so hard to line up the threads to get it on, then it gets dropped (every time) Takes precious minutes sometimes to replace. Thank you!!

    The Bam&Boo Toothbrush

    Hi Kyveli! We completely understand your point! Nonetheless, as the market does not offer a perfect sustainable solution, we had to opt for a plastic lid -to be recycled- and hence, we've chosen this smaller format to minimize impact. We will continuously work with our suppliers to find a greener and more user friendly option. That is why we truly appreciate your feedback. Thanks a million :)

    Spain Spain

    Very succesful and efficient toothpaste

    The Bam&Boo Toothbrush

    Great feedback! Thanks a million :)

    Marie-Noëlle C.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Great service and great product

    The note on the package was a real plus, thanks!

    The Bam&Boo Toothbrush

    Hey Marie-Noelle! Great feedback! It's a pleasure to have you with us! Thanks a million :)

    Frequently asked questions

    Who is The Bam&Boo Toothpaste for?

    Brushing your teeth doesn’t need to be at the expense of the environment. Therefore, The Bam&Boo Toothpaste is for everyone striving for a more sustainable way of living through high-quality natural products 🌱

    What are The Bam&Boo Toothpaste benefits?

    With regular brushing, The Bam&Boo Toothpaste works on preventing caries, reducing plaque and whitening the teeth. While effectively maintaining your oral health, it will give you an irresistibly fresh minty breath. Plus, it is eco-friendly and certified.

    What is the tube made of?

    On a global level, 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are discarded every year. Most of them are not even recycled, ending up in landfill. This is devastating and that’s why we have chosen an aluminum tube. It not only maintains the freshness of the product but it can be easily recyclable.

    Does The Bam&Boo Toothpaste contain fluoride?

    Fluoride is a controversial topic among practitioners and specialists and we’re not advocating pro or against. Nevertheless, we decided to include fluoride on our first toothpaste as it helps to restore tooth enamel and furthermore prevent cavities.

    Is The Bam&Boo Toothpaste suitable for children?

    No. The Bam&Boo Toothpaste contains zinc and fluoride. There is recommendation for a maximum daily intake of these ingredients on children until 6 years old, so in order to prevent exceeding the aged-based portion we decided to restrict the use of The Bam&Boo Toothpaste to adults only. We’ll keep working to find a suitable and healthy formula to include children.

    Is The Bam&Boo Toothpaste cruelty-free?

    Yes. The Bam&Boo Toothpaste is cruelty-free and totally vegan certified by the Vegan Society Trademark, the authentic standard for products free from animal ingredients and animal testing.

    What is the meaning of Climate Neutral?

    Companies, processes, and products are climate neutral when their carbon emissions are calculated and offset with the support of internationally recognised carbon offset projects. Please feel free to check our blogpost for further information on the topic.

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